Notice of Possible Quorum: 9/29/16 “Turnout for Transportation”

Town of Sheridan, Dunn County, Wisconsin


Notice of a Special Town Board Meeting

7 pm, Thursday, September 29, 2016


Dunn County Judicial Center

Multipurpose Room (1402)

615 Stokke Pkwy, Menomonie




The Town Board has been invited to attend a meeting of all local general purpose governments in the county to discuss transportation-related issues. Topics will include the current condition of roads, culverts, and bridges; impacts on safety and economy; and sustainable funding.


A quorum of the town board might be in attendance at this meeting; however, no action will be taken by the town board at this meeting.


Posted by Suzanne Gaines, Clerk, September 20, 2016, on the town website ( and at the Town Hall.