Public Access Lands

Town of Sheridan's Public Access Lands (managed forest law)


In the town of Sheridan in 2014 there are 245 acres of forest land that is open for public access activities such as hiking and hunting.

Some of the land is Forest Crop Law, some is Managed Forest Law. The two have different definitions of "open".

Before entering these land you should first call the land owner and understand the boundaries, as often a forest is both open and closed.

Often land that is open is not the entire 40 acre parcel. The Wisconsin DNR now makes the list available on the web at the following link:

Forest Land Owners Report

On the web site you need to select the county (Dunn). Then click on the button [View]. The view will be a pdf list. In 2015 the pdf for Dunn county is 163 pages. Town of Sheridan begins on page 98. Note that the list shows all managed forest, both Open and Close, so read it carefully.

Good luck hunting!